Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feed (2005)

Feed. An awesome movie. I found the plot summary for the movie on tla:

Intensely grotesque and shocking as hell, Feed is a heavyweight thrill ride through the depths of depravity. A veteran of cyberporn investigations, Australian cop Philip Jackson is no stranger to the dangerous side of sexual fetishes. He may have found his sickest case yet when he discovers a sinister side to an American website devoted to fat-admiring men and obese women called “feeders” and “gainers.” Could the man behind it all be force-feeding missing women to death? Tense, dark and deeply disturbing, director Brett Leonard (The Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity) takes the crime-thriller genre to a twisted, gut-wrenching new level.

The whole movie was awesome. It took crazy to another level (though I thought that was imposable). The movie was about "feeders" and "gainers"( a feeder is a person who feeds another person. A feedee or gainer may be characterized as an individual choosing to gain weight with the aid of a feeder) and how the killer(the feeder) would take women (gainers) and feed them until they were around 600 pounds. Then he would take the fat of the previous women, that he killed, and feed it to the current women he has now; until they eventually die. I love indie flicks. They always dance to there own beat and never really follow any rules.

Here's the trailer:

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